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Albanian subs for Dazed And Confused.
Another lang for Dazed And Confused.

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.......talkin' about.
{6835}{6907}Oh, man,|I'm fuckin' wasted.
{6991}{7089}Walkin' down the hall|by myself.
{7091}{7156}Smokin' a "J" with 50 elves.
{7158}{7271}- Later.|- Woodward. Bernstein.
{7273}{7347}Guess that makes you Deep Throat.
{7349}{7427}- So, is this a smoked or liquid lunch?|- Hey.
{7429}{7487}- Smoked, right?|- [Chuckles]
{7489}{7578}- Are we gonna play poker tonight?|- Count me out.
{7580}{7689}- Sure.|- I'll probably be going|to Pickford's party.
{7691}{7777}We should do somethin' like that.|Goodwin's off on the senior trip.
{7779}{7839}- We can play poker anytime.|- Go to a party?
{7841}{7911}- Mike. Cynthia.|- Come on. Don't worry about it.
{7913}{7984}I don't feel comfortable|at those kinds of things.
{7986}{8044}- Pick us up at 8:00.|- Okay.
{8046}{8116}- It's gonna be all right.|- I guess we're going|to the party then.
{8118}{8180}- Okay.|- All right.
{8182}{8310}[Sighing] Oh, Mike. I gotta|tell you about this dream I had.
{8312}{8370}- Oh, yeah?|- But.......
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