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{4395}{4446}You don't deal here.
{4453}{4523}Drop the kid and pedal|someplace else.
{4567}{4631}And for the record,|"The Time" sucked.
{4682}{4774}Want to hear something fucked|up about him and that boy?
{4844}{4883}You supposed to be here today?
{4890}{4916}Don't get me started.
{4923}{4970}Let's do something about
{4977}{5017}those two stoners.
{5024}{5050}What did they do?
{5057}{5103}I'm watchin' "Clash|Of The Titans"...
{5110}{5171}and they're screaming|about Morris Day.
{5178}{5220}I thought the fat one|didn't talk.
{5229}{5285}Am I producing a biography?
{5297}{5376}Two packs of wraps.|How's the service?
{5388}{5406}What service?
{5418}{5470}At the Unitarian Church...
{5477}{5518}where you got married.
{5525}{5556}What the hell?
{5563}{5601}Jay said you had a|"Star Wars" theme...
{5608}{5655}wedding and tied the knot...
{5662}{5714}dressed like Storm Troopers.
{5721}{5749}I'm the bitch?
{5756}{5792}If we were gay, yes.
{5799}{5817}Shut up.
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